Pleased To Be Followed

One day when I was young, I heard a voice whisper “Follow me.”

So I followed. And God was pleased.

Not long after that, people who meant well said

read this book study this course hear this music embrace these ideas memorize these sayings attend these meetings repeat these phrases grasp this concept sing these songs pray this way boycott this product copy this person frequent these places stop saying this word act like this burn these possessions support this cause avoid these places vote this way think these thoughts dress like this own this stuff follow this teacher resist these desires give money here have these friends learn these lessons and do these things every day and you’ll please God.

I tried. But it was impossible.

Then in a rare moment of silence I heard the whisper again: “Follow me.”

So I followed. And God was pleased.

Now that I’m old(er), young people who mean well ask

what book should I read course should I study music should I hear ideas should I embrace sayings should I memorize meetings should I attend phrases should I repeat concept should I grasp songs should I sing way should I pray product should I boycott person should I copy places should I frequent word should I not say way should I act possessions should I burn cause should I support places should I avoid way should I vote thoughts should I think way should I dress stuff should I own teacher should I follow desires should I resist place should I give money friends should I have lessons should I learn and things should I do every day to please God?

I answer “Just listen for a soft voice.”

Then in a rare moment of silence they hear the whisper: “Follow me.”

So they follow. And God is pleased.


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2 Responses to Pleased To Be Followed

  1. Alan W. says:

    It is a tragedy that religion for many is preceived as nothing more than following a set of rules and adhering to a sense of superiority and inferiority in who and what you embrace or condemn. I do not believe in people telling others of their religious beliefs with a view to conversion. I only wish that my brothers and sisters live and grow perfect in their own relationships with God. “Just listen for a soft voice” is the best advice I’ve heard in quite a while.

  2. Susan says:

    That is so beautiful! Thank you for expressing it so well.

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