Possible Impossibilities

Two men sat on the shore of an ocean, talking.  One said “It’s wonderful how we can speak to people on the other side of the ocean just as though they were sitting here beside us, or fly to the other side of the ocean and be with them in just a few hours.”  The other man replied “You are insane!  Those feats are impossible!”  The year was 1600, and those feats WERE impossible… or were they?


Is it possible for a man to walk on water, or rise from the dead?  The answer is “No”… and “Yes.”


Likewise, is it possible to have peace of mind in the midst of severe problems and loss?  Is it possible to remain calm – even joyful – when life is filled with struggles?  Is it possible to keep the faith when there seem to be so many reasons to doubt?  The answer to all these questions is that “No, it is not possible to do such things.”  The equally true answer is “Yes, such things are possible.”


Jesus said it best: “Humanly speaking it is impossible.  But with God everything is possible.”


What was impossible in the year 1600 is no challenge today.  What is impossible for you and me is completely possible with God.  Put your life in His hands.  It is the only way to experience the possibility of impossibilities.



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