Post-Grave Prio

Scripture tells us that after Jesus was resurrected, He walked on Earth for 40 days and said many things.  I wonder, then, why so few of those words were recorded.  It would seem that a person who spent three days in the grave stone cold and then came back to life would generate a lot of interest.

What we do know is that the Son of God issued a command to Peter during that period.  In fact, He repeated it three times.   “Feed my sheep,” Jesus said.

High on the Lord’s mind was the well-being of His people. This overshadowed whatever might have taken place while He was not among the living, or anything He experienced that allowed His return from the dead.  The Good Shepherd’s concern was for those who would follow Him, both then and in future generations.  He wanted to be sure they’d be loved and nourished.

Of course Peter was a sheep as well.  So while he was feeding others, hopefully someone would be feeding him.  And the source of all this sustenance would be the Bread Of Life Himself.

Theologians still debate about what Jesus did for those three days of death.  I’m not smart enough to have an answer.  I also don’t think I should spend much time trying.  Apparently it’s more important to feed His sheep.


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  1. Susan says:

    That gives a lot to think about – if Jesus’ main concern before HE left us was that we take care of one another it sure should be higher on my list.

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