Present Unaccounted

The Bible character Jacob was in the midst of difficult times.  But even a man on the run has to rest.  So he found a spot in the woods, pulled up a rock for a pillow, and fell asleep.  That’s when he experienced the presence of God.


Jacob said something interesting the next morning: “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I didn’t know it.”


The reality of God’s presence isn’t dependent upon my ability to perceive it.  When the devotional time, the meeting, a day, or even an entire season of life seems empty, it has no bearing on whether or not God was there.  The situation may be dire, with divine intervention seeming light years away, yet God may be as close as the rock under my head.


Wherever the members of His creation find themselves, God is surely in that place… whether they know it or not.


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