Question Marks

There are handwritten question marks in the margins of my bible.  I put them there myself.


Now and then I run across something in scripture that doesn’t make sense to me.  I write a question mark beside it.  Years from now, if I read the same page again, I might stumble across these.  Maybe an experience or insight in the meantime will have helped me understand, so I’ll erase the question mark.  But some of them will probably still be there when my bible and I are both dust.


At one time I would have been uncomfortable questioning scripture.  I now realize, however, that there are plenty of question marks within the text of the bible itself. 


Men and women in scripture asked God “Why me?”, “Why do evil people prosper while I am needy?”, “How long will You leave me in this horrible situation?”, and even “Are you really the Savior?”  Some of these questions were answered in their lifetimes.  Others simply were not.


It’s OK to have questions.

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