Repeat Performance

When I was very young, the town in which I lived had a remote road comprised of several closely spaced rolling hills. Although I don’t remember, I am told that my father and I played a game there. He would drive the family car along that street as fast as he dared, creating a sort of roller coaster experience, to my delight. When we reached the end, I’d say “Do it again, Dad,” to which he’d turn around and give me a repeat performance. Apparently this went on until we just had to go home.

Recently the calendar flipped to a new year. People everywhere seem to get excited whenever that happens. New beginnings are refreshing, but we don’t have to go twelve months between enjoying them.

Jeremiah, the biblical prophet, wrote that the Lord’s steadfast love and unending mercy are new each and every morning. That’s a good thing, because I need them just that often. In fact, time after time I’ve started a new day by saying “Do it again, Dad,” and He does.


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