Sail boaters like to tell stories that show how they’re superior to power boaters.  Vice versa.  The story below is written from the sailing perspective.  It draws a good metaphor to the spiritual life.


Some people were out on a sailboat – quiet and serene – when a power boat roared up alongside.  “Where are you going?” the captain of the power boat shouted over.  To which the sail boaters replied “We’re already there.”  The message is that power boaters have to be going to a destination, but sail boaters just love to go sailing.


Being a performance oriented type, I sometimes get focused on progress, or lack of progress. I think God would prefer that I just enjoy myself where I am.  When I cry out “God, where am I going?”  He replies “You’re already there.” 


Maybe next decade I’ll be somewhere else, but for now… I’m a sailboat.  I’m there.

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