Save It For The Enemy

In many World War II movies is a scene that goes like this.  The men are sitting around in a barracks or a tent or inside a ship when one says “I’m from South Carolina, and the girls there are the prettiest in the country.”  Another guy replies “You’re crazy.  I’m from Texas and the girls there are prettier.”  The argument escalates and eventually turns into a fist fight.


Hearing the commotion, the Sergeant busts in, grabs the two, separates them and says in a crusty voice “Save it for the enemy.”


As a believer, I have an enemy.  The devil is as real as God.  Petty disagreements and frustrations with my brothers and sisters, therefore, must be put aside.  Anger and energy are better directed at combating the one who wants to destroy me.


When it comes to fighting, it’s important that I save it for the enemy.


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