Simple As That

Rising from the dead is a significant accomplishment. So you’d think that a man who died and came back would have some truly amazing experiences to relate. The gospel of Mark in the Bible tells us how Jesus handled this. Shortly after his resurrection he went up to some folk and said “Good morning.”

At first it seems strange that a miracle of that magnitude would be given such nonchalant treatment by the miracle worker himself. In fact, later he simply took a walk with a couple guys – not telling them who he was, asked a few people if they had anything for him to eat, and cooked breakfast for friends. Pretty ordinary stuff for someone who’d been in the grave three days.

God doesn’t have to strain and struggle, beat his breast, or groan and flex to do anything. He doesn’t need to brag or launch a media blitz after the fact. Showing a regular guy like me some encouragement, placing love in a human heart for a fellow seeker, or overcoming mortality is all in a day’s work, so to speak, for the Almighty … that’s why he’s called the Almighty I guess.

I rather like the idea that Jesus took it in stride when he rose from the dead. It gives me assurance that he can handle whatever life sends my way when I toss it back on his shoulders. And that’s enough to make a person happy. Happy Easter.


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  1. Alan W. says:

    Whenever I see someone puffing and posturing about how wonderful they are I know that their self-proclaimed successes are shallow imitations of true brilliance. How illuminating that the class and humility we instinctively admire in men and women of genuine greatness was modeled by Jesus himself.

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