Spiritual Blessings

Once in awhile I find myself in a one-on-one or group meeting where Christian brothers and sisters tell each other about how God has blessed them.  Generally, their stories involve new and better jobs, relaxing days off work, special meals, nicer cars, unexpected money, restored health after an illness, and so forth. 


I rejoice with these people, and I know that God delights in giving good gifts to His children.  I, too, live in relative comfort – but there are greater blessings to be had.


The apostle Paul wrote a letter to people in Ephesus.  He told them that they had been blessed with “…every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms…”  There are no jobs, cars, money, health issues, etc. in heaven, so spiritual blessings must be something else.


Heaven is filled with God’s character.  He offers grace, faith, hope, love, peace, forgiveness, and so much more – all as spiritual blessings.  In fact, Paul’s letter says that God gives us EVERY spiritual blessing.


It is proper, of course, to thank God for the generous gifts He sometimes gives in the physical realm.  As well, I need to count my spiritual blessings.  How have I been shown the favor of a loving act or a forgiving word or a kindness I did not deserve this week – from a fellow human or from God Himself? 


It’s good to show thanks for physical blessings.  Credit is due as well, for spiritual blessings that come only from the heavenly realm.


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