Spiritual Regifting

In a letter to a group of people centuries ago, the apostle Paul wrote that they had each been given one or more gifts. He even provided a partial list: wisdom, knowledge, discernment, generosity; the ability to encourage, heal, help, or guide; and the greatest of all, love. Then the zinger comes: None of these are meant to benefit the gifted one … they’re “for the common good,” Paul said.

I once received a tin of popcorn around Christmas time. I rarely eat popcorn, but knew someone who enjoyed it, so I passed the goodies her way. She was very appreciative, and no one was aware of my secret (until now.) Later I learned that there’s a word for this – Regifting.

While the practice may carry a bad rep in the natural world, it seems to have been God’s plan for the spiritual realm all along. Indeed my own life has gaps that can only be filled by the skills of those around me. Apparently, the situation is universal.

During a certain season it’s customary to bestow presents on friends and family. Here’s to a new tradition – spiritual regifting, all year long.


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