Thanks For Nothing

A lot of things didn’t happen in my life this week.  I didn’t get in an accident, break any bones, or receive a troubling diagnosis.  I didn’t fight with my wife, damage friendships, lay awake worrying (too much), or even misplace my car keys.  In many respects, it was a nothing week.

Jesus met with a group of people in a house one day.  We don’t know the exact number who were there, but the Bible does tell us it was standing room only.  In the midst of the gathering, He healed a man of paralysis.  The question pops into my mind: “How many people at this get-together realized that they received a miracle?”

Certainly the man who walked for the first time experienced something miraculous.  But what about all the ones who got zilch?  Did they understand just how fortunate they were?

In this life, which is often filled with trials and disappointments, nothing can be a very welcomed change of pace and a true divine gift.  So today, my prayer to God is simple … Thanks for nothing.

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3 Responses to Thanks For Nothing

  1. Tonya says:

    Simple but thought provoking. Sometimes I get so focused on what I haven’t received (miracles) and overlook the fact that I woke up today which is a miracle in itself. Thanks for causing me to stop and think about these simple miracles. And thanks for reminding me of God’s goodness through the nothingness of my life’s events.

  2. One day last week a woman pulled out of a parking lot without looking into the lane I was in. She was about to ram into the passenger side door of my car when I jerked the wheel to the left to avoid her. Fortunately for me there was nobody in the other lane at that precise moment or I would have caused an accident while trying to avoid one. Somehow, on this congested road and in spite of someone’s reckless actions, nothing happened. This was not an amazing, incredible event. There were no trumpets to announce it. Yet in that moment I felt touched by grace. “There but for the grace of God go I.” Thanks for “nothing” indeed.

  3. Robin Martin says:

    Thanks for Nothing

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