Over the past week or so I’ve been thinking about everything I’m thankful for.  Shame on me.


The list starts off noble enough:  Family, friends, health.  But from there it goes downhill to things like food that does more than provide sustenance, shelter that doesn’t just keep the rain off my head, my car (make that plural), etc.


There was a woman in the Bible who gave everything she had.  It wasn’t much, because she didn’t have much.  But Jesus said that in reality, it was more than anyone else had given, because of what it meant to her.  I can learn something about thankfulness from that woman, and from a few others I know who are sacrificially generous. 


These people seem to know a secret.  They are more thankful for what they are able to give than for what they have been able to get.  That’s the path I want to travel.


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