The Divine Verb

Spending time with God can be pretty cool.  But why has it been made complicated?  There are books and teachings and articles on all the things we “should” do.  The supposed formulas for entering the Lord’s presence include ten steps, twelve elements, six ingredients, and anagrams to help us remember.  It’s so confusing and overwhelming that sometimes I quit before I start.


David, a key figure in the Bible, and the person who wrote most of the Psalms, didn’t have this problem.  He said to God: “Each  morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.”


Tell God what’s bugging me and wait, as in just sit there for awhile.  See waiting as the spiritual activity it truly is.  That sounds simple enough to get even a frail mortal like me to rest at His feet.  And I think that’s what God’s wanted all along.



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