The God Who Fills The Gaps

A father asked Jesus to deliver his son from demons.  Jesus told the man “Anything is possible if a person believes,” to which the man replied “I do believe, but help me not to doubt.”  The man received his request.  His son was delivered.  Jesus filled the gap between the faith the man had, and the faith the man needed.


When a situation requires more patience than I possess, I can say to Jesus “I have patience, but help me not to be impatient.”  He will fill the gap.  When a relationship calls for more love than lives inside me, I can pray “I love that person, but help me not to become irritated.”  Jesus will provide the extra love I need.


There are many gaps between what it takes to live the Christian life, and what I – a mere human – am capable of.  When I face such a dilemma, the best thing I can do is admit it to Jesus.  He is the God who fills the gaps.


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