The High Calling Of Waiting

A famous verse of scripture, says: “But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”


I see a progression of spiritual growth in this verse that is rarely discussed.  It’s fly, run, walk, wait.  Interestingly, this is just the opposite of what most people would consider a progression, because it starts at the most active and ends at the most mundane… or so it seems. 


New Believers fly high.  They discover new heights and see from a different perspective than before.  They soar over difficulties.


Later, the journey enters a period of running.  Often, this takes place in the physical realm, as in running to meetings and opportunities to serve. Spirits are also running.  It seems that there is so much to learn and miles of spiritual ground to cover.


Next comes the discovery that the life of faith is a daily walk.  The realization is made that God works through the little things that are part of normal routines.  Loving others – spouses, neighbors, co-workers and strangers – takes on as much significance, and as great a challenge perhaps, as evangelizing whole continents.


A great privilege of the spiritual life, however, is when God entrusts His child with the need to wait.  At those times it can feel that nothing is going on, that heaven is silent, that the situation is dire, and that all that can be done is to sit and wait for God to intervene.  This is a very high calling in the life of a Believer.


Those who have faced (or are facing) a period of waiting are to be congratulated.  It means that they have made great progress as followers of God.


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  1. Susan says:

    Once again you have seen reality as few others do — thanks so much for your time and effort keeping this site up.

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