The Jealousy Of God

Scripture tells us that God is a jealous God.   This is not one of the traits of God about which people write songs or create children’s Sunday School lessons.  Nevertheless, jealousy – in its pure form, not in a perverted human way – is a definite characteristic of God’s nature.


Have you ever felt lonely even though you were in a crowd or with a loved one?  That was the jealousy of God, allowing you to be satisfied with no one but Himself.


Have you achieved a goal or reached some milestone in life, but you were still empty inside?  The jealousy of God was the reason.  He wants you to find fulfillment only in a relationship with Him.


When you sense that mankind has let you down, that society is shallow, or that life is nothing but vapor, don’t fight against those feelings.  Instead embrace them as God’s own way of drawing you more deeply to Himself.  At those times you’re simply experiencing part of God’s personality… the jealousy of God.



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  1. Susan says:

    This is one of the best, or nicest to hear maybe, explanations of loneliness I have read. I have felt lonely lately and this brought me some peace thinking that maybe God uses that to draw me closer to Himself.

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