The Lord’s Work

Very shortly after beginning my spiritual journey, a certain verse of scripture caught my eye. It said that I should be “always abounding in the work of the Lord.” I hit the ground running in response, but was it in the right direction?

“We’ve got to be about the Lord’s work”, preachers proclaim. And the faithful volunteer. Should they?

Today I move a little more slowly. I ponder and reflect, maybe even pray before rushing in. And the burning question on my mind is this: “What IS the Lord’s work?” At one time I thought I knew. No doubt, God wanted me to attend services, set up chairs, hand literature to unbelievers, teach a class. Even certain bumper stickers and tee shirts could be part of the drill.

I’m more than slightly embarrassed now by all that. The answer, after all, is right there in the question. The Lord’s work is the Lord’s work. It’s what He does. He loves, accepts, forgives, extends grace. He encourages broken hearts and breathes hope into hopeless situations.

That kind of work doesn’t require a lot of striving. I don’t have to launch an organization, raise funds, or make a name for myself. I just look around. As that scripture I found so long ago says, the opportunities abound.


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