The Other Memorial Day

Jesus had a sad heart that night, as he shared what he knew would be his last meal with his closest friends.  Soon he would be betrayed by one of them, turned over to the authorities, falsely accused, convicted, tortured and executed.  Knowing that he would not be present at any more gatherings like this, he asked these men for one simple favor… “In the future when you eat bread and drink wine together, remember me.”


Is it possible that followers of Jesus would actually forget Jesus?  If so, for what other reasons would they gather?  Maybe to discuss their Bible knowledge, show off their prayer techniques, engage in religious programs, debate the latest theological book, etc. 


The center of true spirituality is not an institution, an organization, a person with a vision, or religion of any kind.  It’s God Himself, who became a man, came to Earth, died, and rose again as an act of love for His creation.  My purpose is simply to honor Him by reflecting that love.  Everything else can be tossed on the garbage heap.  And that’s something I need to remember.




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