The Spirit Searches Everything

No doubt, we humans should seek God.  Sometimes, however, our circumstances overwhelm us.  Our bodies are tired and weak.  Our minds are fatigued, our emotions become frazzled, and our willpower is gone.


It is good at those times to remember that God has also created us with a spirit.  In fact, His Spirit lives within our spirits.


Scripture tells us that “[God’s] Spirit searches everything, even the deep things of God.”  How comforting to know that even when my body and soul can not find strength to seek God, my spirit – His Spirit within me – seeks God for me, and continues to reveal God to me all the time.


You and I are always seeking God – even when we don’t realize that we are.  His Spirit living in us does the searching when our own strength can not.


 (Thank you, Theophan, for providing the insight for this message a couple decades ago.)


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