The Third Flat Tire

People often fret about how they can know God’s will for their lives. I’ve discovered one technique that works for me. It has to do with flat tires.

Let’s suppose I leave my house to take a trip to the beach. Now there’s nothing wrong with going to the beach, but that doesn’t mean that it is or is not God’s will.

A few miles down the road I get a flat tire. No problem, these things happen. I change it and carry on. Shortly thereafter I get another flat tire. Somehow I have an additional spare so I make the repair again and get back on the road. My spiritual radar is on high alert now. Could this be more than coincidence?

Before long, flat tire number three. Either I drove through a bed of nails recently, or it’s very likely time to conclude that God has other plans for me than a day by the surf.

The third flat tire method of knowing God’s will has many applications outside of the circular rubber on the corners of my car. It involves discerning factors in the simple everyday situations of life. It’s asking, “Are these things happening as normal consequences of my actions, or is there something supernatural going on?”

“The Lord works in mysterious ways” somebody said. I think He works in some very ordinary ways as well.


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