The Unfair Nature Of God

Many people want to see justice.  They view life with a keen sense of what is right or wrong for any situation.  They look to God to balance the scales and bring fairness.


Other people know better. 


If God were truly fair, who could escape His judgment?  David expressed this when he said “God has not punished us for all our sins, nor does He deal with us as we deserve.”


Personally, I do not want God to give me what I deserve.  I am very willing for Him to be unfair, because in the unfair nature of God there is grace.


For us to desire that which is right is only one part of God’s plan.  Another verse says “This is what God requires: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”


As a child of God, I should do right as often as I can.  I should also love to show mercy, humbly acknowledging that God has been mercifully unfair by sparing me from the punishment I deserve.


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