The Voice In My Heart

It’s understandable and nearly universal for people to want a direct message from God.  Many feel that such a miracle is beyond reach.  The truth is that He speaks almost audibly to us individually on a regular basis.

In the book of Psalms in the Bible, David says “On your behalf my heart says ‘Seek My face.’”  Could I be experiencing the same thing now and then?  Is that little voice in my heart actually communicating on behalf of God?

At times I’ve wronged a friend or co-worker.  A voice inside told me to apologize.  And these silent promptings cover all facets of life.  I’ve been noiselessly encouraged to make phone calls, mend relationships, or just take the dinner plates to the dishwasher.

David knew, and I’m learning, that God speaks quite perceptibly and personally much of the time.  Instead of straining my ears for what might be coming from “out there”, I’m going to change my focus to the voice “in here.”


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2 Responses to The Voice In My Heart

  1. Such a useful post on the whispered teachings of the voice within. God gave us an inner guidance system to help us find our way. I believe that it is that divine spark – that voice of God within – that steers us to our best impulses and actions. Some have called it “the divine music within” that is delicate and can easily be drowned out by the loudness of a life focused on the outside senses. As an old Quaker proverb puts it: “To better hear the world outside, listen faithfully to the voice inside.” To which I would add: “Follow your ‘God winks’ as much as possible and know that wherever you step the path will appear.”

  2. Susan says:

    Nice addition to the post, Alan. Thanks for doing so. Discerning that Voice and following It has become very important to me over the last years. Quieting those other voices and the world outside is the trick, for sure. Thanks for writing on this topic.

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