The W Question

Speaking through the prophet Jeremiah, God reveals a terrible sin the people of Israel had committed.  What did they do that was so bad?  They stopped asking, “Where is the Lord?”


“Where is the Lord?” is apparently something God wants us to ponder.  In His grace He provides clues to the answer.  Scripture says that He dwells inside every believer; shows up whenever two or more gather in His name; expresses Himself through the community of faith; inhabits the praises of His people; is present in the highest, lowest, furthest and widest corners of creation; and is found in the experience of suffering.  Not a bad start.


We’re also cautioned not to believe every declaration that “He is here” or “He is there.”  Personally, I’ve been told that God was in everything from somebody’s extramarital affair (I didn’t buy it) to countless special appeals for money.


The spiritual life involves many questions.  God, who takes my search for Him seriously, definitely wants me to ask this one … “Where is the Lord?”


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