Thinking Inside The Box

Sometimes I wish God would make it a little easier to figure out what He wants me to do.  If He’d just give me some rules to follow… not just the Big 10 Commandments, but everyday rules, like exactly how to handle specific situations.  The preachers say that all the answers are in the Bible.  (I’ve probably said that myself.)  But can I tell the truth?  When it gets right down to the nuts and bolts of life, the next steps aren’t always obvious.


Since God is pretty smart, and pretty intentional about what He does, there must be a good reason why He doesn’t make the edges of the box clear.  Maybe it’s because He wants me to be in a dynamic, two-way relationship with Him.  Rather than just follow directions, I have to actually ask Him and listen attentively when I want guidance.  Sometimes I even have to engage in a little trial and error, followed by God’s encouragement, comfort and mid-course correction. 

No doubt, interacting with a living, vibrant Deity presents interesting ramifications, but it’s a lot more exciting than just trying to follow a formula. Serving God inside the box would take all the fun out of it.

(Thanks, Linda F., for inspiring these thoughts.)



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  1. Robin M says:

    However, a nice clear box sure would be comforting…not too inspiring, but defintely safe and cozy. Of course, isn’t that why people try to sell us on the boxes they have created…and they sure are nice, that is until they don’t align with reality and then we sometimes through away the whole “failed God experiment.”

    Thanks for the reminder that life is messy and God leads us on a daily journey…recently I thought of it as entering into Chaos and knowing God is there. It’s scary, but assuring.

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