Tired Of Teachings

I’m tired of Bible teachings.  Make that REALLY tired.  In well over three decades of church involvement, I’ve heard and read hundreds of them.  Ask me how many I remember… not a lot.  The number that have really affected my life?  Fewer still.


What do I want instead?  To know God.  To see His character in action, expressed through His followers.  To experience the mysterious presence that exists when people come together around a common desire to share love, joy, peace, truth, reality, and the like – and then learn that those are actually Someone’s name.


Thankfully, I’ve been there a time or two.  It happened while working shoulder to shoulder, riding with a friend in a car, enjoying a common meal, or sitting around a living room in a group.  And, sure, it’s even happened while listening to someone explain scripture.  In most of those cases, however, the teacher didn’t realize that he or she was teaching.


The Bible writer James said to be doers of God’s Word, and not only hearers.  OK, so hearing isn’t all bad, and I’m sure I’ll keep at it, although – honestly – I think I’ve heard almost enough.  Please… somebody show me the doing.  And God help me to be a doer myself.



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  1. Susan says:

    Well said! The things that have stayed with me over the years are the little things, said or done, usually unaware by the doer. The people who have expressed God to me are the ones who have expressed love, acceptance, and understanding.

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