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A famous man once said “I’ve been called many things throughout my life.  My favorite is ‘Dad’.”  God seems to have similar feelings.

Although God holds the titles of creator, provider, healer, mighty one, and several others, the most frequently used reference, and the one by which He often describes Himself, is Father.  Scripture calls God the Father of the fatherless, eternal Father, the one Father, the Father of all, etc.  His followers are known as His children.  Those who knew Him well – David, Paul, John, and of course Jesus – constantly addressed God as “Father.”  We are even encouraged to cry out to Him as “Abba”, a term of endearment used by Hebrew children, similar to the English “Daddy.”

Sadly, not all human fathers are positive reflections of God’s character.  The Bible speaks to this, explaining how God goes far beyond even the best earthly dads in His desire to give good gifts to His children.

That God is all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere at once is amazing.  But I’ll leave all that to Him, and enjoy the simple fact that He’s my Father.

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