Today I Attended A Funeral

Today I attended a funeral.  The person who died was both a family member and a friend.  This experience brought to the surface some thoughts I’ve been kicking around for quite some time.

 People try many ways to soften death.  Instead of saying “He’s dead,” they use phrases like “He passed,” or “She is no longer with us.”  There’s “He went to be with the Lord,” and I even heard death referred to as a “graduation” one time.  And of course they speak of the dead person as “the deceased,” “the departed,” etc.

 But death is not soft.  It’s terrible.

 Another popular position is that death is a natural part of life.  That it’s beautiful.  That death is just a step in the human experience… an almost poetic part of a process.

 But death is not natural, or beautiful, or poetic.  It’s horrible.

 In reality, death is quite UN-natural.  Humans were created not to die.  They had the tree of life in their midst and were meant to live forever.  But when sin entered, death showed it’s incredibly ugly head.

Death is our enemy.  Quite literally, our mortal enemy.  It can’t really be softened or made less in any way than the unspeakable curse that it is, no matter how much we hate it.

 Yes, death is a curse, but the resurrection … now that’s cool. The resurrection proves that death is not as final as it seems. Victory is coming.

Although God and His people may lose a battle, they have already won the war.

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