Trick? Or Treat?

The Bible, I’m told, is to be the model for spiritual life.  Looking into it, I find a community of loving brothers and sisters who bear one another’s burdens, make allowances for each other’s faults, forgive outright wrongs, and remain committed together through all the circumstances of life.  Oh happy day.


The reality among people of faith, however, is often something much less heavenly.  So many times I’ve felt abandoned, un-cared for and alone.  The hopes of true fellowship were a trick.  I’m left on the side of the road, beaten and robbed.


When I think I can bear it no longer, along comes someone who takes the command to love his neighbor seriously.  He bandages my wounds, brings me to a safe place, and covers my debt, promising to return and follow up as to my well being. 


People who function as the hands and feet of Jesus are the treats of the Kingdom of God.  There are a few such precious souls in my life.  Thank you, and Happy Halloween.


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