Ugh. Amen.

The amazement that prayer provides a means for mere humans to communicate with God Himself is almost lost in the technicalities that religion has placed upon it. Books and teachings claim to reveal secrets for getting through to the Almighty, but only if we strictly adhere to their formulas. Church leaders have made prayer part of the art of oratory. How sad, and how wrong.

The bible gives clear examples of prayers that penetrated God’s presence and caused divine intervention. Here are a few:

… the Lord has heard your cry of affliction …

… and God heard the lad crying …

… so God heard their groaning …

… I complain, and He hears my voice …

Other scriptures tell us the types of people who get the Lord’s attention. Specific mention is made of the destitute, the needy, those in misery, the humiliated, and more.

Many of the above describe me. How about you? If so, your life is a miracle. Somewhere in the heavenlies, your situation is in the hands of the living God. You didn’t need a robe, special education, or a new vocabulary. All that’s left is to say “Amen.”


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3 Responses to Ugh. Amen.

  1. Alan W. says:

    Prayer and the connection with God it seeks is all about the yearning for peace and strength only He can provide. When I find myself in a plight or confused state of mind, the yearning for God’s light becomes irresistable and prayer happens naturally, sometimes with words, sometimes in silent calls for help. Let everyone put the formulas and rules aside and find that as a result of spontaneous prayer they have God’s attention and informing spirit at work in their lives.

  2. Deb D. says:

    And I’m so glad of this!…. Amen

  3. Tonya B says:

    Amen! A relationship with God is so much simpler than religion makes it out to be. Thanks for writing this post.

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