Vague On Purpose

People complain that God is often vague about what He does.  Perhaps He’s like that intentionally.  Maybe there’s a bigger picture in His mind.

God is supremely interested in having a relationship with each human, individually.  If all His dealings with us were cookie-cutter and predictable, the interactions would be static and dry.

To one, He grants that good fortune and allows this trial.  To another person, it’s the opposite.  Both say “Why, God?” and seek Him for answers.  Exactly what He wanted.  And even when the requests are filled with emotion of all types, that’s OK with God.  Nothing is off limits … that’s just the kind of friend He is.

Many scripture passages point to this truth.  We read that “His ways are higher than our ways,” and “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter.”  We’re also told that we will find God when we seek Him with all our hearts.  Personally, I may never get there in this lifetime, but it’s a great promise nonetheless.

It would be wonderful to have God figured out, to know exactly why He does everything He does.  He’s chosen not to allow that, however, opting instead for a fluid one-on-One dialogue, which He prefers.  And to accomplish that, He’s sometimes vague on purpose.


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