Wall Repair

In the book of Isaiah, God says that one day some of His people will be called “the repairer of broken walls.” The walls referenced were those that kept intruders out, meaning that inside them, people were safe. I can personally verify that this prophecy has come true. In fact, I’ve met a few of those repairers.

There have been times when the spiritual struggle has chipped away at barriers I’ve set up to shield me from the worst enemy – my own sinfulness. Left to myself I may have fallen as the sheltering wall came down.

But a community of friends rally to my rescue. Perhaps over a meal or a cold drink, we discuss. I pour out my heart, exposing the weaknesses. Because they love me, these people don’t judge, but offer encouragement and acceptance, building blocks in a wall of protection.

Repairers of broken walls are a precious gift. I’m glad that God set them in motion long ago.


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2 Responses to Wall Repair

  1. Alan W. says:

    Life is always at a turning point, it seems. We can give into our defects and shortcomings or stay the course of spiritual growth. While I slip and stumble and sometimes make a mess of things, I know that nothing is less important than the score at halftime. As I admit my failings and temptations, I find God’s repairers of broken walls there to embrace my humanity and strengthen me for the drive to salvation.

  2. Andrea Rottenberk says:

    Hi,I just had this happen in my life. My problem was bitterness within the family of Christ, and I’ve lived with it for over a year, knowing that I needed to forgive and move on, but it was hard because the source was constantly in my face, so to speak. Then came along another servant of Christ, a peacemaker with vision, and she helped to repair the wall, and bridge the gap, so that now there is forgiveness and I can move on. I am so thankful that the Lord provided. Have a good day!

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