Want To Want To (etc.)

God is looking for people with willing hearts.  Fortunately, He is lenient about what He defines as willing.


If I can say “God, I want to follow you,” that’s a good thing.  But what if, being brutally honest with myself, I can’t really tell Him that?  Then perhaps I can say “I want to want to follow you.”  And if I can’t truly say that?  Then maybe it’s “God, I want to want to want to follow you,” or “I want to want to want to want to follow you,” or … you get the idea.


No matter how many times I have to add “want to” to the declaration of my willing heart, that’s where God begins.  Patiently and lovingly, our relationship starts right there.


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  1. Dener says:

    Thank you for being brutally honest.

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