We The People

It’s safe to assume that everyone reading this is a human being. Congratulations, you’re the crowning jewel of God’s creation and can lay claim to some real benefits.

Look around. Everything you see will one day cease to exist. But people are another story. The bible tells us that people are eternal. I don’t understand exactly what happens in the great beyond, but long after all else has burned away, we read about God and people restored to complete friendship, interacting in a love relationship – a more perfect union – forever.

(For those with pets, we’re told that the lion will lay down by the lamb. So perhaps Fido and Tabby will be around too.)

There are times when being a member of the human race is tough. But one of the perks is the knowledge that life doesn’t end here for us or our loved ones. This world is just a preamble, and that constitutes a reason to celebrate.


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