“WE” Who?

There’s a technique that some, (indeed not all, thankfully), Bible teachers use that concerns me.  Listen to the radio, watch TV, read some books, or just keep your ears open and you’ll run into it.  The method goes like this.  They say…


“The Bible tells us to (fill in the blank with something positive), but WE (emphasis on “we”) (fill in the blank with something negative that’s the opposite of the first blank.)  For example: “The Bible tells us to forgive, but WE tend to hold grudges and even seek revenge.”


Here’s a question … Who’s “WE”?


Without exception, the people I know on the journey of faith are an imperfect bunch.  (I fit that description.)  But just about 100 percent of them are sincerely attempting to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. 


I’m keenly aware that I miss the mark.  The Lord Himself does a great job of exposing my shortcomings in just the right way at just the right time.  He uses relationships, His Word, caring teachers, and the very circumstances of life.  Simultaneously He loves me, extends immeasurable grace, and gently guides me to a higher position in Him, without badgering or rubbing my nose in the mire.


I know those Bible teachers mean well. Somehow they think they’re helping by declaring just how bad “WE” are.  I commend them for their sincerity … I really do.  Speaking frankly, though, I don’t think the approach is very effective.  And I refuse to be a “WE.”



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