Welcome to Other Sheep: Spiritual reflections for all of us.

I’ve been on this path over 50 years. And for much of that time I thought I had it all figured out. Not anymore.

          Today I struggle … with the darkness of loneliness, the questions of issues I can’t seem to reconcile, the dangers of temptations I thought I’d overcome, and the “what-if” doubts which enter my mind despite my best efforts to keep them at bay. Sometimes I feel I’m not quite as together as the smiling believers I run across now and then.

          Then I hear the words of Jesus: “I have other sheep that are not from this sheep pen.” Truth is, I feel like one of those others. Maybe that’s not so bad. In fact, I have a suspicion there are a lot of us out there … and in here … in THIS sheep pen where the Good Shepherd also lays down his life.

          So, I share these thoughts, perhaps from a different perspective, in the hope that we will find each other as we find and follow him.