What Am I Waiting For?

At different points in my life I’ve spent time waiting for something to happen, so something else could happen.  For example, “I’ll start jogging when the weather cools down.” … “I’ll save money once I begin earning a little more.” … “I’ll work on that relationship after he admits he was wrong.” … or – my favorite – “I’ll accomplish _______________ (fill in the blank) as soon as things slow down a bit.”  All of these, I’ve come to realize, are simply excuses, and certainly unproductive.


The Bible character Simeon was waiting for something.  He was waiting to see the Messiah.  He knew that once Jesus was born, His parents would have to bring Him to the temple to offer sacrifices in fulfillment of the law.  So he hung out there and waited.


One day it happened.  Here came Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.  How Simeon knew that this baby, like so many others he’d seen while standing at the temple and waiting, was the savior of the world, I have no idea.  But he knew.  And once Simeon had seen Jesus, he declared that he could finally move on with his life.


Many of the circumstances I face today would play out much differently if I could first intersect with Jesus.  Jesus brings hope, grace and clarity of vision to dispel the fear, condemnation and confusion that so often hinder my progress.


What am I waiting for?  I think I should put all the other “waiting fors” aside and say – “I’m waiting for Jesus to enter this situation.”  Like Simeon, I guess I’ll know, somehow, when He does.  And then I’ll also know what to do.

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