What’s It To You?

Shortly before the end of his earthly life, Jesus had a conversation with a couple followers in which he hinted at how one of them, Peter, would someday die. Hearing this, Peter turned to another disciple and asked “What about him?” Jesus replied simply “What is that to you?”

There were times in my life when I thought I knew what was right for everyone around me. Certainly this cause or that need, so central to my beliefs and passions, should be embraced by all mankind. While my heart may have been in the right place, my conclusions were way off.

Had I posed this dilemma to God, I’m pretty sure he would have shot back with “What’s that to you?” There’s not a lot to say in response.

Jesus went on to give Peter some advice in that same interaction. It was “You follow me.” To do so requires focus on the one being followed, not those on the left or right.

Perhaps I should just walk the path God’s laid out for me, and let Him figure out the rest. If I can help a fellow traveler along the way, great. Beyond that, it’s none of my business.


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  1. Alan W. says:

    Gandhi said “My life is my message” and I try to be content with having a positive influence on others in that indirect way. Still, heaven save me from my own arrogance as I fight the urge to tell people “you need to do things my way.” What works far better, I’ve found, is to share your experience when someone seeks it, and say simply in response, “Here’s what I would do.”

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