What’s Your Name?

The Bible gives this account of Jesus selecting His disciples: “These are the names of the twelve he chose: Simon (he renamed him Peter)…”  Why did Jesus rename Simon? 


“Peter” comes from the word “petra”, which means “rock.”  But at that time, Simon was anything but a rock.  A rock is stable, solid, unmoving.  While Jesus was on Earth, Simon was spineless, impulsive and timid.  Only after the resurrection did Simon display more rock-like qualities.


Jesus saw in Simon something that no one else could see.  Jesus saw the greatness that Simon would someday exhibit.  In order to stress that point to everyone – and most importantly to Simon himself – Jesus gave the timid one a new name: Peter.   In effect, Jesus was saying “I see you as the rock of a man you will be.”


When I evaluate my own life, I see questions, doubts, and one who struggles to live the life of faith.  Yet Jesus sees me as a true follower of His.  Though the record may show that I’m impatient, Jesus sees me as the forbearing person I will become.  Though my harsher qualities are apparent today, He sees me as the gentle soul toward which I am growing.  Though I see myself as one who wavers,  Jesus sees me as rock solid.


Jesus has already changed my name, and that’s encouraging.



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3 Responses to What’s Your Name?

  1. Theophilus says:

    Kind of like Gideon, hiding out in the winepress in fear of the Philistines, and the angel says “Hey, there, mighty man of valor”. God must be using a whole different set of eyes when he looks at us. We had *no* clue what grace meant until we met Him.

  2. Robin says:

    Thank the Lord that He blesses others with the ability to glimpse the truth of our new “name,” even when we are too blind to see it. May we all glimpse the newness of those around us.

  3. jeyasingh says:

    May God gives us the strength and courage to join God’s mission of “New Heaven and New Earth” where there won’t be any “others” catagory else “All” will be God’s own Children…,

    untill then i will join hands with you guys….


    Jai from Bangalore

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