What’s Your Name?

The Bible gives this account of Jesus selecting His disciples: “These are the names of the twelve he chose: Simon (he renamed him Peter)…”  Why did Jesus rename Simon? 


“Peter” comes from the word “petra”, which means “rock.”  But at that time, Simon was anything but a rock.  A rock is stable, solid, unmoving.  While Jesus was on Earth, Simon was spineless, impulsive and timid.  Only after the resurrection did Simon display more rock-like qualities.


Jesus saw in Simon something that no one else could see.  Jesus saw the greatness that Simon would someday exhibit.  In order to stress that point to everyone – and most importantly to Simon himself – Jesus gave the timid one a new name: Peter.   In effect, Jesus was saying “I see you as the rock of a man you will be.”


When I evaluate my own life, I see questions, doubts, and one who struggles to live the life of faith.  Yet Jesus sees me as a true follower of His.  Though the record may show that I’m impatient, Jesus sees me as the forbearing person I will become.  Though my harsher qualities are apparent today, He sees me as the gentle soul toward which I am growing.  Though I see myself as one who wavers,  Jesus sees me as rock solid.


Jesus has already changed my name, and that’s encouraging.



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