Which One? No.

The Bible character Joshua was given the task of leading the Israeli army against a number of nations.  One night during the time he was preparing for battle, a man appeared to him inside the camp.  Joshua bolted up from sleep, drew his sword, faced the intruder, and demanded “Are you for us or our enemies?”  The man answered “No.”  As it turns out, this was no ordinary visitor, as he then identified himself as captain of the Lord’s host.


Armies, countries, groups of all kinds, and even individuals like to say that God is on their side. But does God take sides?


At times I’ve asked God, “Which of these options do You prefer?”  His answer has been “No”… or maybe “Yes.”  Because God doesn’t set up camp in any particular corner. He’s in control.


I wish God would cast his vote with my position once in awhile.  But seeing that He’s God, it’s no doubt better if I stop trying to win Him over to any agenda and learn to be on His side instead.


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