Who Are You, Lord?

The book of Acts in the Bible records the story of a man named Saul who sought out, imprisoned, and perhaps even killed Christians.  One day as Saul was traveling, a voice came out of nowhere and asked “Saul, why are you persecuting me?”  Saul’s response is a curious one: “Who are you, Lord?”


Although Saul had no idea who was speaking to him, somehow he understood that it was his Lord.


Perhaps this describes many people today.  They recognize there is one worthy to be called “Lord,” but don’t know exactly who he is.  They hear his voice in the quiet places of their lives, in the expressions of a friend, or through random acts from strangers.


Some search for this Lord… Others ignore the thought… Many give up and lead lives of desperation.  A few, like Saul, just come out and ask the question, “Who are you?”


Saul received an answer right away.  (Not everyone is so privileged.  Why that is the case, is beyond me.)  The reply was “I am Jesus.”  Now aware of his identity, Saul served Jesus for the rest of his life, eventually becoming a martyr.


Those who know and follow their Lord are fortunate.  They find purpose and fulfillment.  Those who realize their Lord exists but don’t know who he is deserve my patience.  Saul and I and millions of others were once among them.  The voice has simply not identified itself… yet.



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