Why Look Up Here?

After the resurrection, Jesus walked around on Earth for 40 days, spending time with his friends and talking about the kingdom of God.  One day while He was speaking, all of a sudden Jesus was whisked away into heaven, right in front of his companions’ eyes!  As amazing as that is, what happens next is just as odd – and a little funny, too.

The Bible says that as Jesus’ apostles were watching Him go up, up, up, eventually disappearing into a cloud, suddenly two men in white clothes came out of nowhere and stood by them.  This is what they said: “Why do you stand looking up into heaven?”

Ummm… Excuse me… But a man who rose from the grave a little over a month ago just levitated into the sky here.  Maybe He’ll be coming back down soon.  That might justify a few minutes of jaw-dropped gazing, don’t you think?

Apparently not – at least not from the perspective of the spiritual realm.  The men dressed in white went on to say that Jesus, who had been taken away, would indeed return one day.  And that’s all they had to say about that.

With everything happening in the world, it would be easy to get caught up with looking to heaven, expecting Jesus’ return any moment. Although we should always be prepared, it seems that God is more concerned that I focus on other things, like loving Him and my neighbor. It’s time to quit gawking at the sky and instead look right around myself, because that’s where the more pressing needs exist.


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