Awhile back I was in an airport.  My business in that town had finished early, so I went to the gate and asked the man behind the counter if I could get on an earlier flight.  He told me to sit in a certain place and he’d let me know if there was an available seat.  I noticed he didn’t write down my name, to which he replied that he didn’t need to… he’d remember.


Fifteen minutes later, a lady approached the gate and also asked if she could get on that flight.  She explained her situation, which I overheard – and which was more desperate than mine.  The man behind the counter told her to sit and wait as well.

As we both sat there, a pious thought entered my mind.  I asked myself WWJD?  What Would Jesus Do?  I decided that when the airline employee called my name, I would give up my seat to this woman.  It felt good to know that I’d be making Jesus proud by becoming a living sacrifice.


Eventually, the airline employee announced “Passenger Smith, come to the counter.”  The lady beside me went up and got a boarding pass. A few minutes passed and my name wasn’t called. I went to the counter and asked “Will I be getting a boarding pass as well?”  The employee turned white.  He had forgotten me and given the only standby spot to the lady.


I was immediately angry.  Then I realized the divine humor of the situation. 


The reason I got angry is that my plot had been foiled.  I wanted to be the one to do the Christian thing and give up my seat.  I wanted the warm fuzzy and the glory of doing what Jesus would have done.  Instead, Jesus simply did it.  How presumptuous of Him.


I wonder how many times the question WWJD?… What Would Jesus Do? would be better if replaced by WIJD… What Is Jesus Doing?  Jesus wanted passenger Smith to have the last standby seat on the earlier flight.  So He arranged for her to get it.  Maybe He wanted your co-worker to have someone to talk to, so He sent you to the water cooler at just the right time.  The examples number in the millions.


Personally, I’ve stopped asking WWJD?  I’m not smart enough to figure it out.  And I’m certainly not holy enough… If I respond at all, it’s to get glory for myself, and anger is my first response when He does what He does.  Instead, I’m into WIJD?


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