Worth Remembering

Jesus knew He was about to die.  So on the last night that He and His friends would be together, He told them something profound, yet a little strange.  During the Passover meal, He said “Every time you eat bread and drink wine like this, remember me.”


Perhaps Jesus understood the human tendency to continue to do something that seems religious or spiritual, yet forget the reason for doing it. 


Countless times I’ve been told to read the Bible.  But why should I read the Bible?  To learn Jewish history?… For principles of living?… To win theological debates?… To impress other Christians with my knowledge?… Or because I love the Bible’s author and want to know Him?  The answer sounds obvious when the question is stated that way, but I can’t remember anyone ever even bringing it up.  They simply told me to read the Bible, and made me feel guilty if I didn’t.


Likewise, going to church (whatever that is), prayer, and so many other activities.  “Do them,” the system says, with little real explanation.


Jesus, on the other hand, told his disciples – and tells us – the why.  It’s simple, and it once again puts Him at the center of the spiritual journey, where He should be.  The Son of God says, “Remember me.”


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  1. Deb D. says:

    You certainly know the concept of the “power of words”.

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